VmicLink5 HiFi System (RX5+TX5)

$ 4,800.00

digital wireless microphone systems

  • The 5.8GHz provides high quality audio
  • Record audio up to 30 meters away with no obstacle
  • Automatic channel switch programmer to avoid interference from multiple systems in the same environment
  • Line & Mic inputs provide wide range of input options
  • Real-time headphone monitor jack
  • Detachable and flexible antenna can be rotated 360°accordingly for best sound
  • 1000mAh rechargeable li-ion battery (included)

User Manual: PDF


Saramonic VmicLink5 HiFi System represents the next generation of digital wireless systems. Utilizes the new 5.8GHz transmission technology to transfer high quality audio, it is able to constantly monitor and hop between frequencies to maintain the strongest possible signal level at a range of up to 30 meters . It is a perfect wireless audio solution for your audio recording in DSLR video, field recording, filmmaking, broadcast & TV, electric news gathering (ENG),on-the-spot interviews, sound design and more.

Portable Receiver VmicLink5 RX5 (*1)

The Saramonic VmicLink5 RX5 is a camera-mountable integrated wireless receiver. It features an easy-to-read LCD display and DigRF synchronization between transmitter and receiver. The selectable output mode allows you to choose the output signal to be mono or stereo.

Body-pack Transmitter VmicLink5 TX5 (*1)

The VmicLink5 TX5 is a compact transmitter that employs a crystal-controlled PLL synthesizer. It is equipped with a muting function and lock-type Mic and Line input connectors.


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